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Find out the latest macrophage related news, as well as updates about this website. This page also provides links to various events of interest to the macrophage community such as conferences, seminar series, macrophage meetings. Click the 'read more' links for full listings of the news/events.

MacReporter chicken: Skeletal muscle macrophages

CSF1R-mApple expressing macrophages are abundant in normal chicken skeletal muscle.
Chicken skeletal muscle macrophages


June 2013: We have updated the Macrophage Pathways section!

  • available in a range of different formats to suit a number of viewing and analysis needs. Take a look here.

May 2013: Macrophage Research Highlights this month. Macrophages and salamander limb regeneration!

  • Macrophages and limb regeneration: Macrophages are required for adult salamander limb regeneration. Godwin et al., demonstrate the requirement of macrophage infiltration in the regenerative process in aquatic salamander. See Godwin et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 May.

April 2013: Macrophage Research Highlights this month. Blood and Macrophages!

Upcoming conferences

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