Microarray Datasets

Macrophage Microarrays
Microarray studies exploring gene expression in macrophages are now extensive and define their response to pathogens or their environment. Provided below are links to macrophage expression datasets submitted to the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and ArrayExpress. The data is derived from a range of species and treatments.

Gene Expression Network Analysis
Some datasets have been converted into network-graphs (see Arrays with BioLayout Webstart) to aid their exploration and interpretation. The networks have been created using BioLayout Express3D, a graph visualisation, clustering and analysis tool.

  • Nodes within these graphs represent transcripts (probesets) and..
  • The edges between nodes define co-expression relationships (correlation) between genes.
  • The graphs have been clustered so that groups of co-expressed genes and their behaviour across the dataset can be visualised easily.

For further information about BioLayout Express3D and a user guide visit the BioLayout webpages.